Utility Measurement with Home Assistant

I’ve been interested in adding utility measurement features to my Home Assistant installation for over a year. After a number of tries, I finally have most of the functionality I set out to implement. My impetus for adding detailed utility measurement goes back to a quote by entrepreneur (and founder of GoDaddy) Bob Parsons, “Anything that is measured and watched, improves.” Now that I have … Continue reading Utility Measurement with Home Assistant

Update: RisingHF Gateway RHF0M301 with Loriot Community Network

It’s been about a year since I posted an unofficial manual for getting the Seeed Studio 915 MHz RisingHF Raspberry Pi gateway up and running with Loriot. In that time, I had hoped that there would be more resources available for enthusiasts to find information about setting up gateways, nodes and sensors. However, it looks like complete and reliable information is still hard to come … Continue reading Update: RisingHF Gateway RHF0M301 with Loriot Community Network

Water Metering With Home Assistant

I’ve pretty much settled on Home Assistant as my DIY automation platform. While it is not perfect, it has the right mix of features, simplicity and customization for my needs. I also like that it is written in Python and includes support for custom dashboards using HADashboard. I’ll be adding additional posts about home automation platforms in general, but for now I want to concentrate … Continue reading Water Metering With Home Assistant

Seeed Studio LoRa Kit

Getting Started with LoRa

LoRa is a radio technology for long range, low bit rate communication among sensors (temperature, light, location etc…) and other IOT devices. The sensors send their data to a radio receiver known as a gateway. The leading protocol used by sensors and gateways to manage communications, frequency, data rate and security is known as LoRaWAN. The gateway transfers the sensor data to the cloud so … Continue reading Getting Started with LoRa