Sharing Data From the Netduino

As mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been working with the Netduino microprocessor board, a .NET version of the open source Arduino. In preparation for designing a home energy monitoring system, I created a small project to measure and post data from the Netduino. The simplest circuit I could find consisted of a photocell and a resistor wired into one of the analog inputs. Every … Continue reading Sharing Data From the Netduino

Windows Phone 8 Review

I’ve been usingĀ the new AT&T Nokia 920 phone for two weeks, so here are my thoughts: PROs: Great display, fast processor, smooth web browsing, live tiles provide a great start page, camera images are sharp (although color balance is inconsistent, hopefully an update will fix this) CONs: No notification center, (although I hear that is coming eventually) lackĀ of some key apps, many unappealing existing apps, … Continue reading Windows Phone 8 Review

Amazing Finds at the Technology Graveyard

The township where I live hosted its annual electronics recycling drop off so I hauled over a few broken monitors and battery back up units I had laying around. As usual, the turn out was huge, and I saw pretty much what I expected to see: old computers, lots of picture tube televisions and VCRs. What I did not expect at my local neighborhood drop … Continue reading Amazing Finds at the Technology Graveyard